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Below are a collection of Apps and Tools that can be deployed on either / both SAS 9 and SAS Viya platforms.

Fun and Games

Sonic the Hedgehog on SAS

A SASjs wrapper for this remake of the sega classic! Works on SAS 9 only (due to default CSP settings on Viya).



filename playme url "";
%inc playme;


Dodge trees to see how far you can roll this rock in this infinite game! Works on both SAS 9 and Viya.


SAS Streamed SAS Rap

Run the code below (SAS9 or Viya), and open the link in a browser to hear a SAS streamed SAS Rap by Thiago De Souza

filename playme url "";
%inc playme;



Viya Client Token Generator

The following code (Viya only) will create an app for generating a Client ID + Secret with various configuration options. For this to work, the sysuserid must have the admin rights for reading the consul token.

filename vt url  "";
%inc vt;

Run the above, then open YOURSERVER/SASJobExecution?_PROGRAM=/Public/app/viyatoken/clickme


Viya File Uploader

This app will let you choose a local file and upload it to a directory on the Viya server. It returns a directory listing.

To deploy:

filename mc url "";
%inc mc;

Run the above, then open YOURSERVER/SASJobExecution?_PROGRAM=/Public/app/fileuploader/clickme