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Below are a collection of Apps and Tools that can be deployed on either / both SAS 9 and SAS Viya platforms.

Fun and Games

Super Mario on SAS

A SAS streamed version of a Nintendo classic. Works on both SAS 9 and Viya. Full instructions to deploy (on either platform) are available here.


Sonic the Hedgehog on SAS

A SASjs wrapper for this remake of the sega classic! Works on SAS 9 only (due to default CSP settings on Viya).



filename playme url "";
%inc playme;


Dodge trees to see how far you can roll this rock in this infinite game! Works on both SAS 9 and Viya.


SAS Streamed SAS Rap

Run the code below (SAS9 or Viya), and open the link in a browser to hear a SAS streamed SAS Rap by Thiago De Souza

filename playme url "";
%inc playme;



Folder Navigator

View & Edit Stored Processes (or Viya Jobs) with this folder navigator


Viya Client Token Generator

The following code (Viya only) will create an app for generating a Client ID + Secret with various configuration options. For this to work, the sysuserid must have the admin rights for reading the consul token.

filename vt url  "";
%inc vt;

Run the above, then open YOURSERVER/SASJobExecution?_PROGRAM=/Public/app/viyatoken/clickme


Viya File Uploader

This app will let you choose a local file and upload it to a directory on the Viya server. It returns a directory listing.

To deploy:

filename mc url "";
%inc mc;

Run the above, then open YOURSERVER/SASJobExecution?_PROGRAM=/Public/app/fileuploader/clickme


Viya Log Parser

If you are fetching logs in JSON format, here is a handy tool to convert them to regular log format. There is an online version here or you can build it yourself from the repo below.


Seed Apps

The following template repos provide a starting point for building a SAS Web App:

There is also a seed app containing Jobs only (no Services) that is useful as a quick start for building SAS Data Engineering and Data Science projects: