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SAS Viya Build


There are three main ways to create Services (jobs) in Viya:

  1. Manually through the /SASJobExecution interface
  2. As part of a build process using sasjs-cli
  3. Using code in SAS Studio.

SAS Studio

To follow the below, you'll need to compile the MacroCore library into your session. To do this, simply run the following

filename mc url "";
%inc mc;

If you are unable to run the above code, you may not have internet access on your server. In this case, simply click this link and copy paste the content into your SAS session, and run it.

We will create our service using the %mv_createwebservice() macro, which expects SAS code to be passed in as filerefs. This will create the service and provide the necessary precode to retrieve any data that has been sent - and automatically create that data as tables in WORK.

To speed up this demo we are going to use a little known fileref with the alias ft15f001 - when combined with parmcards this allows us to write file content directly in open code, in a similar fashion to datalines and table data.

  filename ft15f001 temp;
    * do some sas. All inputs are ALREADY tables in WORK;
    data example1 example2;
      set sashelp.class;
    * send data back;
    %webout(ARR,example1) * Array format, fast, good for large tables;
    %webout(OBJ,example2) * Object format, easier to work with in JS;

You should now see a URL in the log with a link to your service.


You can modify your Job Execution service by navigating to YOURVIYASERVER/SASJobExecution and finding it in the folder tree.