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Building Web Apps with SAS

SGF2020 Virtual Presentation

Build a React Web App on SAS Viya in under 5 minutes

Clone, install, configure, build, deploy frontend, generate backend!

Create a SAS App in Just One Minute

This process will work the same on both SAS 9 and Viya - create the SAS Web Service, deploy and configure the frontend, launch!


Use the SASJS-CLI to create a backend repository

The CLI tool enables your SAS backend to live alongside your frontend in a GIT repository - and for your SAS services to be compiled, built and deployed in a single command.

Other Videos

Deploying and Using the Viya Token Generator

On Viya you need a client, secret and access_token to autodeploy your backend. This app makes it easy.

SAS Streamed SAS Rap

Streaming an MP3 file from a SAS Web Service. A to the mfn K!

HTML5 Games

Rock Roller

Github repo here

Sonic the Hedgehog

Github repo here