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Building Web Apps with SAS

SGF2020 Virtual Presentation

Build a React Web App on SAS Viya in under 5 minutes

Clone, install, configure, build, deploy frontend, generate backend!

Create a SAS App in Just One Minute

This process will work the same on both SAS 9 and Viya - create the SAS Web Service, deploy and configure the frontend, launch!


Use the SASJS-CLI to create a backend repository

The CLI tool enables your SAS backend to live alongside your frontend in a GIT repository - and for your SAS services to be compiled, built and deployed in a single command.

Use "sasjs doc" to generate HTML documentation from source programs

With a single command you can auto-generate documentation directly from your SAS Jobs and Services. Recent updates include a homepage, and a Data Lineage diagram (jobs link back to docs, tables link directly to Data Controller if configured).

Using gitpod with SASjs

We configured our jobs template repository so that it can be launched with gitpod in a single click!

Other Videos

Scaffolding a SAS Project in VSCode with SASjs

How to compile, build, and deploy SAS projects from a local machine using your preferred IDE (eg VS Code). Includes an overview of sasjs flow, sasjs job execute, sasjs compile, sasjs build, sasjs deploy and sasjs add as well as sasjs folder delete.

Deploying and Using the Viya Token Generator

On Viya you need a client, secret and access_token to autodeploy your backend. This app makes it easy.

SAS Streamed SAS Rap

Streaming an MP3 file from a SAS Web Service. A to the mfn K!

HTML5 Games

Rock Roller

Github repo here

Sonic the Hedgehog

Github repo here