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Where is my Server?

If you're on a new site, you don't always know where your SAS Server is!

There are two options to find out programmatically:


Probably the quickest and easiest:

data _null_;
  length url $128.;
  call missing(url);
  rc = METADATA_GETURI("Stored Process Web App",url);
  put url=;


This macro gets a bunch of properties relating to web servers, however it's possible that access may be restricted, depending on the metadata permissions at your site.

%mm_getwebappsrvprops(outds= some_ds)
data _null_;
    set some_ds(where=(name='webappsrv.server.url'));
    put value=;

Load Balancing

The SAS Load Balancer comes with 3 parallel (multibridge) connections by default. This must be increased! A good minimum is 5-10 per CPU core.