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Our favourite tool for testing is Cypress - it's what we use for SASjs and it's user friendly and fully featured. If you have chrome it will even launch with CORS disabled for seamless API testing.

For SAS testing (macros, jobs & services) you can also use sasjs test.


Most likely you will only need to test you applications against a very limited set of browsers (the ones your company uses, which typically inludes IE).

For testing a wider set of browsers, the following tools are useful

  • Browserstack (paid)
  • (previous versions of FF)


There are several tools you can use to ensure your app can be consumed by users of all abilities (ie, is navigable by both keyboard & mouse and has the necessary labels for screen readers etc):

  • Google Lighthouse - just open dev tools in Chrome and run the report on the lighthouse tab
  • The lighthouse CLI - more info in the project readme. The specs are in the lighthouserc.js file, which shows the pages tested, and the target score (90%).
  • The eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y NPM module - all recommended rules should be applied in the .eslintrc file ("plugin:jsx-a11y/recommended"). Full list of rules:
  • -> a free download to check for screen reader compatibility