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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have examples of SAS apps built with the SASjs framework?

We have a list of public SAS apps in github repositories available here - using these you can see examples of the configuration used to build SASjs apps. There is also a commercial app built with the framework that has been deployed to customers in several countries - it's called Data Controller for SAS

The SASjs framework is also used exclusively for bespoke SAS app development by our sponsors at Analytium.

What are the Minimum Requirements for building Apps on SAS?

To build apps on SAS you need SAS Viya 3.4 and above, or SAS 9.3 and above with Stored Process Server.

You cannot create web apps on SAS with University Edition.

To check if you have SAS Viya, open SAS Studio, click your user profile and click "About".

If you are using Enterprise Guide, then simply run:

data _null_;
  length url $128;
  rc=METADATA_GETURI("Stored Process Web App",url);
  putlog 'Your SAS 9 url is: ' url;

Which Browsers Does SASjs Support?

With the right polyfills your SASjs app can support a very wide range of browsers, however the question is - do you really want to? There can be a lot of edge cases to cover and support.

For guidance you might consider following SAS Institute's browser support policy. Note the diminishing support for IE.

I want to help, but I’m not a developer. Are there any ways for non-coders to contribute?

  1. Shill it to everyone and create awareness
  2. Answer questions from new users in the community channels
  3. Make tutorial videos
  4. Write instruction manuals or commit to the docs