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SAS 9 Build


Building services on SAS 9 is very straightforward. The below approach will work from 9.3 and upwards.

* compile macros ;
filename mc url "";
%inc mc;
* if the above fails, download and compile manually;

* parmcards lets us write to a text file from open code ;
filename ft15f001 temp;
    * do some sas, any inputs are now already WORK tables;
    data example1 example2;
      set sashelp.class;
    * send data back;
    %webout(ARR,example1) * Array format, fast, suitable for large tables ;
    %webout(OBJ,example2) * Object format, easier to work with ;
%mm_createwebservice(path=/User Folders/&sysuserid/My Folder
  , name=testJob
  , code=ft15f001
  , replace=yes)