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The "appLoc" represents the "app location" in terms of where the backend web services are stored in the logical folder tree (eg SAS Drive on Viya, or metadata in SAS 9).

It does not represent a physical path, such as a linux directory or windows folder. It's more analagous to WebDav (collection of parent/child relationships).

By defining the appLoc in the SASjs config, the sasjs.request() method can use a relative path (without leading slash), meaning that the app can be easily moved (or deployed elsewhere).

If the request() method is used with a leading slash, the appLoc is ignored. If request() is used without a leading slash, the appLoc must be provided in the sasjs config.


A Target in SASjs represents a configuration against which the app will be deployed. Example items for a configuration include:

  • serverType (eg SAS9 or SASVIYA)
  • serverUrl (the url of the server)
  • appLoc (the logical folder to which the SAS web services will be deployed)